Rebirth Date

Alex Modular

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  • Title: Rebirth Date
  • Main artist: Alex Modular
  • Release date: 12/10/2020
  • Catalog number: SDR076
  • Other artists: 2Sound


  1. Rebirth Date (Original Mix) - 05:55
  2. Rebirth Date (2Sound Remix) - 08:40


After Nebula, Alex Modular returns with a new work which contains two tracks: the Original Mix and 2Sound Remix.

Rebirth Date maintains the Alex Modular style, marked by a energetic Groove, an energetic bass-line and well-cared for Atmospheres creating a mix of dark and happy sounds.

The 2Sound Remix maintains the main sounds of the original version, accompanied by a groove balanced between techno and house, Afro percussions and a deep bass-line that support the track during the entrance of Atmosfere Dark, and Electronic Sequences mixed with the sounds of the Original Mix.

This Release can be used in various Dancefloor situations, making use of the Original or the Remix adapting them to your Flow.