About Us

Slow Deep Records was born in Bologna since 2010 as an independent electronic music label and it was founded by Daniela Idri and Roberto Rodolfi.
The Label promotes various artists, such as 2Sound, Alex Modular, Micron, Francesco Malaguti, ZINKO, Dirty Talking and many more.

In 2011 the label inaugurated its production/mixdown and mastering studio and made it available to Label's artists.
So, Slow Deep Records has become both independent label and music production study.
From 2012 to today it provides its spaces also for the Accademia Nazionale del Cinema.

Slow Deep Records has two Rooms: Room A - "non-environmental control room" - is dedicated to digital mixdown and mastering and is equipped with the Pro Tools HD Accel 3 10 system; Room B has been designed using "movable" panels and is dedicated to music production.

The Label project was born to gather producers and to create unique and constantly evolving soundscapes.
Therefore, its goal is to enrich the electronic dance music panorama.
The label's mission is to spread its style to the national and international scene.

Slow Deep Records will give space to those who will be in line with its sounds, in order to increase the value of all the producers that will be part of it.