Ocean End

Dirty Talking

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  • Title: Ocean End
  • Artist: Dirty Talking
  • Release date: 30/01/2020
  • Catalog number: SDR68


  1. Ocean End (Original Mix) - 15:06
  2. Ocean End (Talking 2020 Remix) - 07:42


New work by Dirty Talking who return with theirs new single "Ocean End".

Ocean End was composed in 2015 but never published and today includes a 2020 Dirty Talking Remix.

The original mix is a 15-minute track that diversifies for the entire duration of the song. 

Ocean End is composed by a minimal Techno and House groove, supported by a deep bass line and dark Atmospheres. The melody characterized by Brass synths and violins makes the track elegant and gives a touch of happiness or sadness.

Ocean End Remix uses only the main atmospheres of the Original Mix and has been adapted to be played on dance floors.

The groove of the track is composed with techno percussions and drum fills played by a drummer, accompanied by a very dark and powerful bass line, Arpeggiators and Sequences that can be heard during the evolution of the Track.