Evolver Shelter

Alex Modular

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  • Title: Evolver Shelter
  • Main artist: Alex Modular
  • Release date: 06/03/2022
  • Catalog number: SDR097
  • Other artists: 2Sound


  1. Evolver Shelter (Original Mix) - 08:56
  2. Evolver Shelter (2Sound Remix) - 09:08


Evolver Shelter is the new release of Alex Modular with an original mix in classic style with a minimal but very effective beat, accompanied by a round and floating bass line, where subtle atmospheres and hypnotic sequences intertwine in a suggestive dancefloor atmosphere .
The Remix of 2Sound maintains some Sequences of the Original with a new groove made of Afro-style Percussion and a new deep bassline for Rarefied Atmospheres that are added in the evolution of the track for an enveloping sound synergy