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Way Mightier - by 2Sound feat Ivy Jones includes Visionis Remix

SDR048 - Way Mighter

By 2Sound


Way Mighter
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Other artists:
Visionis , Ivy Jones
  1. Way Mightier - 8:16
  2. Way Mightier (2Sound Remix) - 8:50
  3. Way Mightier (Visionis Remix) - 11:52
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Way Mightier,the original version features pop and gothic effects with a bass melody line that supports dark ambient atmospheres, blending progressive and deep house styles.
The Remix version of Visionis is characterized by techno beat and tribal percussion sounds with an hypnotic and deep synth on a gloomy bass line, making a more melodic techno style.
The Remix by 2Sound is characterized by low and arpeggiators effects with suggestive synth influences in a mixture of techno and progressive styles.