Alex Modular

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  • Title: Mirages
  • Artist: Alex Modular
  • Release date: 04/09/2019
  • Catalog number: SDR062


  1. Mirages - 08:30
  2. Hopeless - 08:28
  3. Lust - 09:39
  4. Redemption - 09:19


The first Slow Deep Records Release of 2019 is entrusted to Alex Modular: a mini-ep where a mix of techno and deep house is proposed.
The 4 tracks - Mirages, Lust, Hopeless and Redemption - were born during a live-set through the use of Virtual Instruments and Analog Synths, thanks to which Alex has created a good balance between the two timbres that differentiate the digital from the analog.