Alex Modular

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  • Title: Horizon
  • Main artist: Alex Modular
  • Release date: 14/07/2021
  • Catalog number: SDR088
  • Other artists: 2Sound


  1. Horizon (Original Mix)
  2. Horizon (2Sound Remix)


Horizon is the new release by Alex Modular out on the middle of summer that includes the Remix of the "evergreen" 2Sound.

The Original mix is characterized by a powerful Kick accompanied by a soft and welcoming Bass-line and a typically Techno groove where Alex brings dark ambiences, combined with sequences that go to modulate for the duration of the song. This song can be used in a dancefloor during an energetic situation.

The 2Sound Remix maintains the ambience and sequences of the Original Mix, with the addition of dreamy leads and prog sequences and a groove between techno and house. The evocative pause presents a surprise kick-back restart suitable for ignite the dancefloors of any club or festival.