Various Artists #vol 1



  • Title: Various Artists #vol 1
  • Main artist: 2Sound
  • Release date: 28/01/2021
  • Catalog number: SDR079
  • Other artists: Alex Modular, Reflact, Ametìs, Diego Fornasari, System2Sound


  1. 2Sound - Wild Child
  2. Alex Modular - Interphase
  3. Ametìs - Rage Without Words
  4. Reflact - Flying Train
  5. System2Sound & Diego Fornasari - Come On With Groovin'


The new release of 2Sound “ Wild child” is characterized by a deep groove with afro percussions on a bassline enriched by the sounds of arpeggios for a suggestive atmosphere. The second release of the ep is “ Interphase” by Alex Modular that stands out for a powerful groove, accompanied by an energetic bassline in a sunny and lively style.
The third release is “ Rage without words” has a minimal style with a groove characterized by kick and hit hat effects on a lead bassline for a hypnotic atmosphere.
The fourth release is “Flying train” by Reflact , presenting a fusion of melodico Techno and Progressive House sounds, with suggestive dark percussions and Dream melodies.
The fifth release is “ Come on with groovin” by System 2Sound with a Tech House style and a dynamic bassline , enriched by black soul effects in perfect synergy between real instrumental and electronic sounds.