Evening Glow


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  • Title: Evening Glow
  • Main artist: 2Sound
  • Release date: 22/04/2022
  • Catalog number: SDR096
  • Other artists: Alex Modular


  1. Evening Glow (Original Mix) - 10:00
  2. Evening Glow (Alex Modular Remix) - 08:48


Evening Glow is the new work made by 2Sound.

The release is composed by the Original Mix and the Alex Modular Remix.

The Original Mix is a combination of Acid House and Techno, composed of a captivating groove and two bass-lines that cross each other while giving that touch of acid to the track. A crescendo of clear and mysterious atmospheres, wrapped in arpeggios and trancy sequences, accompany the track until the pause. During the pause, a modulated sequence enters and evolves almost to the end of the track.

The Alex Modular Version maintains the idea of   the two basses but with a more Techno groove, which joins atmospheres that alternate in the evolution of the track. From the Original Mix, Alex also uses the modulated sequence which enters during the pause, but in his version it enters after a couple of minutes, and then disappears and reappears in other points of the track. The pauses, unlike the original, are shorter but with the use of atmospheres that diversify this Remix from the Original Mix.