Decoding Remixes


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  • Title: Decoding Remixes
  • Main artist: 2Sound
  • Release date: 13/11/2019
  • Catalog number: SDR66
  • Other artists: Reflact


  1. Decoding (Original Mix Remasterd) - 09:30
  2. Decoding (Reflact Moog Experience Remix) - 08:12
  3. Decoding (2019 Remix) - 08:54


"Decoding Remixes" is the new work by 2Sound, which contains three tracks including the Original Mix remastered from Bologna 2020, the fourth Release published on SLOW DEEP RECORDS in 2011. Decoding Original Remastered, was made in 2009 using mainly Virtual Instruments and a Micro Nord Modular synth, used to create Arpeggiators, Basslines, Leads and Pads, accompained by a "Minimal House" Groove. Decoding 2019 Remix keeps the Original Arpeggiators and Sequencers, accompanied by a Groove between Techno and House, built with Analog Drum Machines, with a deep bass that holds the groove for the entire duration of the track, with new Arpeggiators and Sequencers that evolve together with Pads and Leads that give this current Remix but always maintaining the same style as the one developed over the years. Decoding Moog Experience Remix by Reflact, also uses the best of Original version with a new and contemporary Groove made with Analog Drum Machines, and Synths which gives the name to Reflact remix. A new bass line, Sequencers and Arpeggiators accompany the track in its evolution, with a pause filled by Dark Ambient Pads and Leads.