Beside Yourself


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  • Title: Beside Yourself
  • Main artist: 2Sound
  • Release date: 12/12/2019
  • Catalog number: SDR67
  • Other artists: Alex Modular


  1. Beside Yourself (Original Mix) - 08:49
  2. Beside Yourself (Alex Modular Remix) - 08:32


Beside Yourself is the new Release by 2Sound, which contains the Original Mix and the Alex Modular Remix.

2Sound Original Mix is a Progressive House track influenced by the modern Melodic Techno style.
It's characterized by a strong analog groove, African percussions with dark analog/digital atmospheres and strong arpeggiators.
Beside Yourself Original Mix is your perfect choice if you play Melodic Techno DJ Sets in Underground Dancefloors.

Alex Modular Remix is a Deep House Ambient track represented by an analog modulated sequence accompained by an analog groove, African percussions and the evolving Pads of the Original Mix.
Beside Yourself Alex Modular Remix should be played in Deep House and Chill-out Dancefloors, it's the best situation to empty your mind and dive into the music.